September 23, 2023

Terry Mitchell

Terry’s fascination with aircraft and their intricate workings began during school days, as his science teacher would employ the Airbus A380 as a constant case study. This early exposure began a lasting passion for aviation that would shape his future.

Although his early years were primarily dedicated to the insurance industry, Terry’s trajectory took a turn when the opportunity to begin flying presented itself. Terry made a remarkable transformation as he pursued and achieved his Bachelor of Aviation. Beyond his formal education, Terry embraced the adventurous spirit of aviation by delving into Seaplane and Aerobatics ratings, adding further dimensions to his skillset. Terry’s flight path led him to command hours from Shepparton, a journey marked by traversing outback navigation routes. The ever-changing challenges of the Australian outback became an integral part of his flying experience, adding a unique element to his story.

His sights are now set on a new chapter: sharing his accrued wisdom and insights to guide and support aspiring aviators. His ambition is to empower students, enhancing their learning journey by imparting the wealth of knowledge he has accumulated over his aviation odyssey. Terry’s dedication to education and his commitment to passing on his experiences will undoubtedly shape the aviation dreams of future pilots, future first officers and future first captains.