September 23, 2023

Shayaan Sohtra

Shayaan is a Grade 3 Flight instructor here at Learn To Fly. Growing up in the Middle East — Shayaan was always travelling to see family in other countries. Shayaan shares his favourite part about holidaying was boarding the aircraft, which kickstarted his fascination for aviation. He always knew he wanted to be a pilot from a very young age.

When Shayaan moved to Australia, he started flying at Moorabbin when he was 16. He was able to obtain his RPL at 17 and continued flying after finishing school and later finished his PPL, CPL with us here at Learn To Fly.  Shayaan also achieved his MEIR as well as FIR with us at Learn To Fly.

Shayaan is outgoing, vibrant and personable and always loves a good discussion. 

What hr enjoys about instructing the most is getting to know students’ dreams and ambitions and helping them achieve it! Shayaan believes that motivation is a great drive but flight training is sometimes be challenging so his goal is always to communicate and challenge students to think outside the box.

Shayaan is living part of his dream right now because ever since he started flight training he wanted to be an instructor. In the long term he aims to fly the PC-24 for the RFDS, helping people and meeting their needs.