June 07, 2024

Mickey Wu

Mickey’s fascination with aviation was sparked by the enchanting tales of Laputa and the daring adventures depicted in Studio Ghibli’s “The Castle in the Sky.” Captivated by the romantic notion of exploring the boundless sky, he resolved to master the art of flying.

Among the myriad experiences of his aviation journey, one stands out vividly: his inaugural solo flight under the watchful guidance of mentors like Shannon, Casey, and Ulysses. Against the backdrop of a December evening, Mickey took to the skies, tracing circuits against a golden sunset—a defining moment in his odyssey.

Navigating through aviation challenges, Mickey encountered hurdles with checklists and radio calls. Yet, through relentless practice and the unwavering support of instructors like Shannon and companions like Jed and Clement, he persevered, embracing the ethos of Learn To Fly, where asking for help is a testament to courage.

Inspired by the nurturing environment and camaraderie at Learn To Fly, Mickey aspires to contribute his experiences and expertise to the team, fostering a community where aspiring pilots can thrive.

Beyond aviation, Mickey finds solace in the world of coffee, where he serves as a bar in a bustling café. Drawing parallels between the café’s dynamics and the cockpit’s organized chaos, Mickey embraces the fast-paced environment, honing his communication skills and prioritization — an endeavour that enriches his perspective and readiness for the challenges ahead.