September 23, 2023

Maximillian Fairclough

A creative observer, Max travelled the world documenting and creative directing in the music and entertainment industry for over a decade. Growing up in Perth, his curiosity and drive persuaded him to follow his work to North America before settling back in Australia and calling Melbourne home.

While Max’s principal focus was in the music and entrainment world, he was a creative director and producer for several Tourism Australia campaigns. Also, he played a role in the creative and photographic operations at Uber.

With a constant aspiration to develop something new, Max brings a balance of his expertise and creativity here at Learn To Fly. In his role here, Max is tasked with creating, planning and delivering a strategic vision. He is responsible for maintaining a cohesive visual and thematic style that displays the day-to-day operations, achievements and mantra at Learn To Fly and ensuring all creative executions remain faithful to the brand.

Max finds incredible satisfaction and reward in making things that allow people to connect, engage and stay curious. He also loves flying.