September 23, 2023

Jake Lummis

Growing up, it was flying RC Model Aircraft that sparked Jake’s interest in aviation. Having attended airshows and completed a Trial Introductory Flight, a decision was made then to pursue aviation after school.

In 2014 Jake started flying lessons and trained/studied part-time while working. He then completed an Instructor Rating in 2018 where he then worked as an Instructor. Jake aims to become a Grade 1 Instructor, to complete his Multi-Engine and Instrument Rating — and then eventually fly larger aircraft in charter/air transport operations. 

Outside of flying, Jake enjoys the outdoors, camping, fishing, hiking and follows AFL (Big Western Bulldogs Fan!) and the F1. Jake prides himself on being a bit of a perfectionist, attentive and considerate person (we agree!).

Ask Jake what he enjoys most about his job and he will tell you two things — flying, and seeing students progress through the training.