June 07, 2024

Harley Tindal

Born on the picturesque Gold Coast in Queensland, Harley’s childhood was a tapestry of experiences spanning Victoria, North Queensland and even distant England. Eventually, his family settled in Melbourne.

His fascination with aviation ignited during a memorable trip aboard a B737, where Harley found himself peering out from the first officer’s seat, captivated by the panoramic view and the allure of the skies. At the tender age of seven, Maroochydore Airport became his haven, a place where he found solace amidst the soaring planes, watching them take flight from the end of the runway.
Financial constraints initially diverted Harley from pursuing aviation after completing high school. However, a transformative six-month hiatus reignited his passion. In 2020, Harley took his first flight as a student pilot, setting the stage for a series of milestones.

His dedication bore fruit as he obtained his Commercial Pilot’s License in March 2022, followed by his MECIR in December of the same year. November 2023 marked the completion of his FIR with Learn To Fly Melbourne, solidifying his commitment to excellence in aviation.

Harley’s aspirations soar beyond the horizon, envisioning a future where he contributes to organisations like the Royal Flying Doctor Service or commands the skies with a leading airline. Before realising these dreams, he yearns for a season in Canada or Alaska as a floatplane pilot.
In the short term, Harley aims to refine his skills as a Grade Two Instructor, conquer his ATPLs, and pursue Multi-Engine Training Approval. Beyond the cockpit, he enjoys family moments, marathon training, and supporting the Melbourne Storm in the NRL at AAMI Park.

Harley’s biography is a testament to a journey guided by childhood dreams and a relentless pursuit of the skies.