August 24, 2022

Brandon Sundaralingam

Born in Sri Lanka and raised in Melbourne, Grade 2 Learn To Fly Flight Instructor Brandon Sundaralingam has always loved anything aviation and travel-related. In 2017 he went for a Trial Introductory Flight and a session in the Boeing B737 simulator, and enjoyed it so much that he started flight training the following year.

After starting his training with another flight school, Brandon completed his CPL with us here at LTF. He then completed his MECIR with us, and then a Flight Instructor Rating, and now we’re thrilled to welcome him to our instructor team!

Brandon would one day like to see himself flying from the left seat of an Australia-based airline, and in the meantime:

“The sights you see from above are truly amazing, and the dynamic nature of flying keeps it fun/interesting 100% of the time.”